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Monday, January 29, 2018


   So I have taken out my poor, neglected blog, dusted it off, and am writing a new post, the first since some time in 2013. What a chaotic, stressful 4 or 5 years it has been!
   I have been making hearts off and on for a few days, not knowing what I was going to do with them, and tonight it all came together. I have some really beautiful heart dies, and after a lot of cutting and some stamping, I have not only finished them but have decorated with them. I moved the first set to a different location, so there are two pictures with the same hearts.

   I also made a birthday banner for Libby's birthday last Monday, so much fun!
   I had bought an acrylic birthday themed stamp set so I could use it in my stamp tool (like a Misti but a cheaper version), not knowing when I would use it because I don't do birthday cards much, even with all the birthdays we have, but I was able to use it pretty quick. I am so thankful that I bought it!
   Last year I had 4 viruses, the flu, two infections that required antibiotics, swollen glands that required an antiviral, a skin cancer on my earlobe, and my back went out twice. I didn't really get back into life until October, and then my Mom fell on Nov. 1, and I went to stay with her until a couple of weeks ago. (You can see why I didn't send out a Christmas letter.) This year has gotten off to a much better start. We had been going like crazy the whole time I was with her, but we got to start the year off with a lot of rest thanks to the snow. Great way to start the year! She is doing really well except for a problem with itching, so please pray for her, she needs some relief. Andy is working in Georgia, but he is doing something kind of dangerous, so pray for him too. We all need so much prayer these days, it seems. I pray that everyone's year will go great!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

More Convention Photos

   So I went back to the convention today, bought more stuff (!), and took a few more pictures from one of the booths that I dearly loved. The company is Paper Sweeties, and is located in Chapel Hill, but they don't have a store, just a website, papersweeties.com. They have wonderful stamp sets and matching die sets, and I got the set that has the snowman that is on the large star. I looked at the picture last night and decided that I had to go back and get him, lol. So here are the pictures, just be sure to click on the first one to enlarge it:

I just think this is fabulous stuff, and I really wish they had a store. I have already made something with a stamp that I bought today, and I will probably have several things made by tomorrow night, so expect another post in a day or so with my samples.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fun, Fun, Fun at the Stamp Convention!

   What a day! I went to the stamp convention in Hampton that I have been looking forward to since June, and it was as wonderful as I expected it to be. It wasn't very big, thank goodness! There were three vendors there who had the most incredible dies, and one had coordinating stamps and dies, and I could have dropped five thousand dollars easily. Easily! Needless  to say, I didn't spend more than a fraction of that, but it's a good thing I've been saving up for this.
   The three vendors also had the most fabulous samples, how I wish I could stamp like that! Without further ado, here are the pictures that I took. I wish they were better quality, and some of them are dark because the flash didn't work, but I am just going to upload all of them here, if I can get it to do all of them at once. Here's hoping!
   Click on the pictures to enlarge:

Whew! Yes, that's a lot of pictures! I think these are some of the prettiest samples I have ever seen, I wish I could have taken better pictures, one of these days I need to take a photography course. Tomorrow I will take pictures of what I bought and post them, I think I got some really good dies, and I love the stamps I bought. I am very thankful that God let me make it to this convention, with some money! Now I have to clean up the camper to so I won't feel so guilty, lol!