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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thoughts on Network Marketing

Can I rant? 
     I think it is a shame that so many people think that there is something wrong with a person having their own business. It seems that because there are some manipulative people in the network marketing world, everyone has been tarred with the same brush, and we are made to feel that we should be ashamed for trying to sell something to somebody. I heard someone say today that entrepreneurs should be very proud of what they do,  because they are the backbone of the economy. They create wealth, help people with their products and services, and help people to have a better life. I am very, very proud of the products that I sell, in fact, I love them! And I am extremely proud of the business that I am in, Market America, because I have never seen a business like this one before, that delivers on the promise of residual income and does it in such a big way, and I have been in 3 other network marketing businesses.. Why is it that people don't mind Wal-Mart or Penney's trying to sell them something, but resent it when an individual tries to share something with them? I think it is really sad. There are a lot of good products out there that are green, healthful, good for people and the environment, and that will save you money, but they get no notice because they are not in a store.
Shop and get cash back:
   Having said that, I would like to tell you a little about a great program that can put money back in your pocket. Whenever you need to buy something, even everyday products like tissue or dental floss, if you go through my web portal to shop at our thousands of partner stores and sign up as a Preferred Customer, you can get anywhere from 2% to 35% cash back. If you refer other people, and they sign up also and shop, you will get 1/2% of everything they buy forever! If you refer multiple people, that can add up. We regularly offer one or two of our Market America products with increased cash back, usually 20%. It can save time, energy, and gas, and you can save money on a lot of items. I order everyday stuff once a month from Walgreen's and get free shipping because I order $25 or more of things that I ordinarily go to the store to get, such as hand soap, tissue, etc., and they deliver it to my door for free. I don't have to do anything but place an order online. I love it! When I need something, I search for it on my portal and it gives me a comparison of all sources of that product with the prices. It is a great way to shop, and they give me money back. And by the way, if you have a website or blog, if you put a widget on it for the cashback program, you will get the half percent on everything that people who click on it buy. I would like to encourage everyone to watch a short video about this program on my web portal. I wish I could link it here, but I haven't been able to make the link work, so go to MATV and click on the video titled Growing Your Business With Paid To Shop and Paid Online. It can be money in your pocket.
 Stamping Tip:
   I did something really cool with the sponge pads that go on my inking tool (Tim Holtz). I put small velcro dots on a piece of printer paper, but cardstock would probably have been better, and I stuck the sponges on and put labels under them with the color names. All I have to do is pull off the sponge, use it, and stick it back. Couldn't be easier!
Book Giveaway:
   I am giving away a copy of Andrew Farley's book, The Naked Gospel, and all you have to do to be in the running for this book is leave a comment on this post about whether or not you believe that God gets disappointed in us. I have been in several discussions about this lately, and I will give you my thoughts on it in the post where I announce the winner, which will be randomly selected. I will take comments through Sunday and announce the winner on Monday.  This is one of the best books I have ever read, and it is so full of wonderful truth about God. It is a great help in getting to know the one, true, real God. Please give me your thoughts on this, I can't wait to see what everyone thinks.


  1. Absolutely NOT. God is never disappointed in me, because when he looks at me, he sees a PERFECT new creation. Sin has been dealt with and is no longer an issue. It's people that have a hard time seeing themselves as perfect in God's eyes.
    As to the first part about selling, I have sold at least three products in my lifetime, and never like doing it at all, BECAUSE, I don't like people trying to sell me stuff. It's fine to tell people about something that works for you, and then let them do their own research, and see if it's right for them. We have a no soliciting sign at our door, because we don't want people bothering us at home......and yes, I've gone door to door.
    My two cents, or maybe three..............

  2. We tend to think that God is disappointed because WE are the ones who are disappointed in ourselves. What standard did we fail? Grace's? The only way to fail grace's standard is to be perfect! Its our own standard that gets offended and we get all disappointed in ourselves. What qualifies us to be Christians, and what disqualifies us? And where is the line between head and heart, because I know this and STILL feel like I'm letting God down. Its more difficult to let God change what we believe about Him than to just know and understand more.