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Friday, April 23, 2010

Very Random Post

   Well, things have been pretty crazy lately, what with going to SC and back, a tooth extraction, and everything I try to do on the computer going absolutely haywire. I wanted to put some pictures on here a few weeks ago of my grandkids washing my car, but I never achieved that, so here they are:
Unfortunately, 15 minutes after they washed the car (with Brian's help!), it was golden again. The driveway is right under an oak tree. Oh well, it was clean for one brief, shining moment.
   We went out to eat last Saturday with our friends in Graniteville, SC, Richard and Susan Showalter. We went back to their house and played Mad Gab, and laughed our heads off. What a fun game! I took some not very good pictures of them and their daughter, who is staying with them while her husband is in Afghanistan.
See, really bad photography! But Richard and Susan look great!
 Oh, oh! I see someone really hamming it up!
   I was going to stay until next Monday and then come home for a dentist appointment on Tuesday, but I had to come home Wednesday so I could have a tooth removed on Thursday. I may have another one pulled on Tuesday. Really looking forward to that! Not! Then I will be going back to SC on Wednesday so we can go to Hazlehurst Thursday night for the big fishing weekend. I have never been able to go to this, so I am looking forward to it. Not that I will be fishing! The men do that somewhere near Brunswick, Ga, while the women usually have a scavenger hunt, but this year we are going to have a GOLL awards dinner at a country club. I can't imagine what in the world I am going to wear; they are really dressing up for this. I will be blogging about the dinner afterward, hopefully with good pictures. Considering how crazy the scavenger hunt is, I can't imagine what the dinner will be like!
   My friend Tammy has moved into an apartment with her husband in Chapel Hill. He has been released from the hospital, and they will have to stay there while he recovers from his bone marrow transplant. Please, pray for them. He was doing good the last I heard. Pray that he does not reject the transplant. Tammy and Orville, we love you and are praying!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


   I saw a clip last night from a movie or TV show that Vanessa Williams is making, and she was fighting with another woman. I thought to myself that we are going to see people acting up worse and worse because of all the sleazy behavior and brawling that is shown on TV and in the movies. And then today I saw a blog post (Kayla Aimee) about an incident in a post office:
"Rude Lady told the postmistress that her mailbox key wasn't working and she needed the mail from box 28. The postmistress brings it to her. Rude Lady says "You had better fix my key now." To which the postmistress politely asks her if she has another key they can try. Rude Lady responded by THROWING HER MAIL AT THE POSTMISTRESS." Then they discovered that she was trying to get into the WRONG BOX! I think we are going to see more and more of this kind of behavior because it is on TV all the time. Books, movies and TV used to protray the finest and best, now it's the sleaziest and worst.
   Another peeve: I am sick and tired of the way people in the entertainment media inundate us with sex, sex, sex, and then they criticize men like Tiger and Jessie unmercifully because they reacted the way you would expect someone to react who sees this stuff all the time. If they want people to behave, then stop pushing the sex on them.
   Hmmm, I need to forget this stuff and go stamp something!

Monday, April 5, 2010

   What a great day! My stamping buddy, Tammy, and her friend Vicky came over and played this afternoon. I was working on lunch bags because The Stamper's Sampler has a bag challenge that is due by May 15th. I had made a couple back in January, but I used them for gifts, so I had to make some more. Tammy and
Vicky stayed up until three one night last week making shaving cream backgrounds. You never saw so many backgrounds in your life! So today they punched a lot of hearts, birds, etc. out of them. I made three bags and Tammy made one, because I throw them together and she is more careful, and hers look better too, of course! I took a picture of hers, but I will have to put mine on here later. I also took a picture of the two of them.
   Please pray for Tammy's husband, Orville, who had a bone marrow transplant last week. He is in the hospital at Chapel Hill, and Tammy is traveling back and forth to see him. When he gets out of the hospital, they will be living in an apartment for awhile while he recovers. He will have to stay there all the time and be very careful not to pick up any bugs or viruses. He is doing really well, and hopefully will be out of the hospital soon.
   So here are Tammy and Vicky (Tammy is standing):
We won't talk about how messy this room is; it does have a lot in it!
I just love this bag! Wish I could show the details; I still have it here so maybe I can get a picture that shows the buttons. She stacked the buttons and tied them together. It looks fabulous!
   I will try to get my bags on here later tonight. I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday (Easter) . We met with our "church"  group in the gazebo at the park, and then had dinner at my mother's. Three of our group were going to eat out, so we invited them to eat with us. We had so much fun! The grands were so pretty, and had a great time hunting eggs, eating candy, and playing with all the stuff their Aunt Beth got them at the dollar store. We had gotten their dresses Saturday at Belks, and it took four of us to do it! I said, 'How many people does it take to buy an Easter dress?" At one point I was chasing Amelia around the dressing room trying to tie her sash. She must have tried on 10 dresses. We picked out a coral one, and then realized that that was not going to look good in pictures with Cara's hot pink dress, so it was back to the drawing board. But it was fun!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Envelope Samples

   Ok, I am making another attempt to put a post on. Hopefully this will not take several HOURS like the last post. ARGHHHHH! I have signed up for an online tutorial on blogging that I hope will teach me all the things I need to know to do a decent looking blog. It doesn't start until the middle of April; I can't wait!
    I made these envelopes a couple of weeks ago. I also made some altered envelopes using some that came with bills. The first 3 I made, and the last 2 are altered. I am enjoying using the altered ones for coupons and deposits.
   I cropped this and it is crooked. Don't know how to fix that!
The altered envelopes look kind of crummy, but they were meant to look this way, believe it or not. I distressed a piece of  printer paper with the new distress ink colors, stuck them to the envelope, and stamped them. I crushed  the paper before distressing to give it the veins. The stamps are from one of my favorite Stampin' Up! sets, Watercolor Garden. I have a lot of ideas for my new bird punch from SU! and paper bags, and I am planning to work on that next week, so stay tuned!

Easter Samples

I made some little boxes for the kids, Beth and Daphene and my mother, and  put a Cadbury Creme Egg in each one, and finally found my camera and took pictures of them today. They were more work than I thought they would be, but they turned out to be pretty cute. My mother loves Jordan Almonds so I made her a basket for those.
These are some hearts that I did recently.

I wanted to put some envelopes on also, but it has taken me hours to get this far. Everything I tried to do went wrong, so I'm quitting while I'm ahead. I also have some pictures of Cara and Amelia (my granddaughters) washing my car. Hopefully I will get them on tonight. Have a great holiday!