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Thursday, April 8, 2010


   I saw a clip last night from a movie or TV show that Vanessa Williams is making, and she was fighting with another woman. I thought to myself that we are going to see people acting up worse and worse because of all the sleazy behavior and brawling that is shown on TV and in the movies. And then today I saw a blog post (Kayla Aimee) about an incident in a post office:
"Rude Lady told the postmistress that her mailbox key wasn't working and she needed the mail from box 28. The postmistress brings it to her. Rude Lady says "You had better fix my key now." To which the postmistress politely asks her if she has another key they can try. Rude Lady responded by THROWING HER MAIL AT THE POSTMISTRESS." Then they discovered that she was trying to get into the WRONG BOX! I think we are going to see more and more of this kind of behavior because it is on TV all the time. Books, movies and TV used to protray the finest and best, now it's the sleaziest and worst.
   Another peeve: I am sick and tired of the way people in the entertainment media inundate us with sex, sex, sex, and then they criticize men like Tiger and Jessie unmercifully because they reacted the way you would expect someone to react who sees this stuff all the time. If they want people to behave, then stop pushing the sex on them.
   Hmmm, I need to forget this stuff and go stamp something!

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