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Monday, September 16, 2013

Creating Again! A project and some pictures of the grands...

   We had to go home last weekend because our dishwasher had started leaking, and we were afraid that the floor was wet under the cabinets, so I got another shot at bringing my stamp supplies back to Virginia. We were just home for Labor Day, but I was too tired and busy to pack it up. I wished so much that I had, so when I got another chance at it, I took it. I nearly killed myself Saturday packing and washing clothes, but I did it, by golly, and went to Leland's Founders Day also with Daphene and the kids, which was a lot of fun. Since Andy and I were founders, when he registered at the VIP station, he got a free meal ticket for all of us. Nice!
   When I got back to Virginia, I filled every nook and cranny in the camper with stuff, and I am still rearranging and reorganizing. I had to pull almost all of it out this morning in order to use it, but I worked on a project all day and had the greatest fun. It has been a long time since I did anything like this, and I really, really needed the relaxation after what we have been through this summer. I am not quite through with this, but here is what I accomplished today:

The shiny stuff is Star Dust Stickles, my favorite glitter glue. Having to die cut the flowers, then run them through the machine again with different plates to emboss them, then roll the petals, put the glitter glue on, let it dry, punch the leaves, put glitter glue on them, glue the flowers together, die cut the wreath base, glue everything together, and put the pearls in the centers of the flowers, took all day. Phew! What a project! But the results were worth it. Now I just have to figure out how I want to hang it. I may just put a hook on it and hang it on the Christmas tree. Hmmm, now I have an incentive to put one up!
   When I downloaded the picture, I found some pictures from Cara's birthday party that we had with just Daphene and the girls, us, and Beth. I can't remember if Brian and my Mom were there or not. The dress was given to her by Beth, and it looks so good on her. She is getting so tall! She definitely inherited her grandfather's (Daphene's father) genes, he was really tall.

One last picture! I kept the girls when Brian and Daphene went to the mountains, I think in June, and they wanted to play restaurant one day, so Amelia was the waitress with a pad and pencil, and she took our orders, and Cara was the cook. She and I fixed something for lunch, and they fixed up a centerpiece (Cara tied a very nice bow) and decorated the table with one of my vintage tablecloths and cloth napkins. So we had a very nice lunch. Love these kids!

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