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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Food Adventure: The Beginning

 I have been meaning to put these old blog posts on here, and today is the day that I am finally getting around to it. These are from over a year ago, when I first realized that I had to make some BIG changes.
My Food Adventure

OK. So the doctor wants to put me on insulin, and I don't want to do it, of course. So I am going to change the way I eat drastically, and that means I have to learn a whole new way of cooking. Just as this happened, I found out I could get 15 channels added to the basic cable service that we have for about $21 a month more. I wanted DIY and HGTV, and they were included in the package. But then I found out that the shows I wanted to see were no longer on these networks. As my granddaughter would say, Bummer! But God was in all this because now I was getting the Food Network. I discovered Rachael Ray and Paula Dean, and a few others. Now I could see people actually cooking, and I have learned so much. It is hard for me to try something new without seeing someone do it. Rachael Ray is my hero now, and I went out and bought a pepper mill, cutting board, fancy oil dispenser, and sharp knife. I finally got around to trying one of her recipes tonight, and what an adventure that was! First, even though I had spent a week trying to get the ingredients for the Black Bean Stoup together, (yes, it is "stoup"), I discovered that I still didn't have everything. But I improvised so it was still a go. I heated the pan on medium high heat as the recipe said, knowing that wasn't a good idea because my pots are different from hers, and when I threw in the garlic, it burned to a crisp immediately. So I had to dump it out and start over. That meant I didn't have enough garlic because my garlic bulb was going bad, so I made do with what I had left that was usable, put the pot on a different burner and started over. I noticed as I was chopping the vegetables that the ones in the pot weren't cooking, so I kept turning the burner up. As I was chopping the onions, the knife slipped and sliced my finger. I knew that was going to happen when I bought it! I ran in the bedroom and put a band aid on real tight, and started chopping vegetables again, but they still weren't cooking. I couldn't figure it out, and then I realized that I had turned on the wrong burner. So I finally got things going, but I had thrown in the bell pepper and it wasn't supposed to go in until the other veggies had cooked some first, so I started fishing them out. I finally got everything in it and cooking, and it was delicious, but I had a mess all over the stove and counter. I came in later to clean up and put the leftovers up, and dropped one of the containers when I was putting it in the refrigerator. Now I had a mess all over the floor too. Rachael Ray I ain't!

The Food Adventure, Day 2

I should have mentioned last night that when I bought the cutting board, etc., I saw some gloves that are reinforced with steel but I decided to buy them later. Wrong! I am really kicking myself for not getting them; I wouldn't have a cut finger now.
The "stoup" was really delicious today; even better than last night. I think I will try Paula Dean's Broccoli Casserole next, and throw some chicken in it.

My Food Adventure: Part 2

So I finally got together the ingredients for my next adventure with cooking, thanks to my daughter who ran all over Wal-Mart, God bless her, to get my groceries. I made Chick Pea/Fire Roasted Tomato Soup by Rachael Ray, and I didn't think I could top my last attempt to cook one of her recipes, but I did, unfortunately. First, it took me a long time to print out the recipe, which I think I had already printed out, but I didn't know where I put it. Then I couldn't find the manual for the food processor, so I finally figured out how to put it together. Everything was going okay, even though the garlic was browning a little too fast, until it was time to put the chicken stock in. I had the stock that comes in a carton, and I had frozen it. I had put it in some hot water and then the microwave, but when I needed to put it in, it was still frozen. So I microwaved it some more while I ran to the laundry room to turn the dryer on to air because I didn't have time to get my clothes out. When I came back to the kitchen, the microwave made a loud noise and it looked like lightening going off in it. I quickly took out the carton, opened it with a knife, which slipped and cut the edge of the counter, got the stock out, cut the top of the carton off and discovered that it was lined with foil. I put the stock in a bowl and put it back in the microwave, but it started making a noise again, and when I opened it, I discovered that something that looked like a cardboard label on the side was smoking. Obviously, I have ruined the microwave. I finally got everything in the pot and cooking, and it was good although weird because of the strange spices I used (Turmeric and Cardamom). In my last food adventure I made a mess; this time I ruined the counter and the microwave. Obviously I should not be in the kitchen at all, but since God hasn't dropped a fortune on me so I can hire a cook, I must persevere and soldier on. Next week I am going to try Chicken Provencale Stoup. Pray for me and my kitchen.

MY Food Adventure, continued

I forgot to mention in my last post: I HAVE A COLLEGE DEGREE!

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