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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Health Saga, Part I

   In May, 2008, my doctor informed me that he wanted to put me on insulin because I had uncontrolled diabetes. He had been telling me for a while that I must get my A1C down, which is the average blood sugar over a three month period. It should be 6.9 or less, but mine had been 7.9, and I had only gotten it down to 7.6. What I was doing obviously wasn't working! When he said "insulin", I thought to myself, "Oh, no, we won't be going there!" I have read enough about diabetes to know that insulin does as much damage as sugar in the blood, if not more, and since the problem with Type 2 Diabetes is that the cells won't open to let the sugar in (the insulin unlocks the cells), then there would be excess sugar AND insulin in my blood. No way! So I told the doctor to give me three more months, and I went home and cried and prayed and wrestled with this for a week. Then I girded up my loins, set my jaw, and did what I knew I should do all along. I stopped having desserts when I ate out or went somewhere where they were serving them, and I started eating meat, vegetables, fruit, beans and peas, and nuts. My treats each day were sugar free fudgsicles, sugar free ice cream, and sugar free candy (you can't eat more than one piece a day or you will be in big trouble!). I quit eating breakfast at McDonald's and drinking Diet Coke except on Sunday. The main thing I did was begin to eat a LOT of salad, soup, and fruit. There is a secret to this, and I thank God that I found it. Stay tuned for the secret and what I did next that made a BIG difference. People who have known me for a long time will be pretty shocked that I actually did this! 
   I will hopefully have some samples on here in a few days. I have made some Christmas cards and tags that I want to show, especially my Tim Holtz style tags. I think I will upload my Fall wall hanging now, even though the pictures aren't the best; the picture of the last L turned out yellow for some unknown reason. You can get the idea though. It's still on the wall, by the way; hopefully I will get this place decorated for Christmas next week. I just can't figure out how to store the wall hanging.



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