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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

   I'm sitting in Atlanta Bread Co. in Aiken, SC catching up with Facebook, email, and my blogs that I follow through Google Reader. I will be here for a few weeks, WITHOUT any stamps, etc.! I will probably be here until the stamp convention in Columbia in February is over, and then I intend to go home and stamp my little heart out! I have been sitting here for hours on the internet, and I hope my feet don't lose circulation. Not to mention that I am dying to go...Oh well, we won't go into that.
   Andy's transmission blew up on the way back here a couple of weeks ago, and it looks like we are going to get a lawyer and sue the dealership who worked on it because they are responsible for this. He had to get a motel, have the truck towed from Columbia to Aiken, rent a car, and have a rebuilt transmission put in. Oh, and he lost a day's work. They owe us big time!!! And this is the second Dodge truck that this problem has happened to. Fortunately the transmission didn't blow up in the other one.
   Wish I could put a sample on. I will try to transfer some pictures from my camera later this week and post them. One bright spot: we hooked up the converter box last night and we can get 4 channels! Yay! Well, it beats nothing now, doesn't it? And one of them is a retro channel; last night we watched Knight Rider and The A-Team (old favorites), and Airwolf came on this morning! Wow! Haven't seen THAT in a long time!
   Isn't the warm air wonderful? Hope to post again this week.

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