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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

   I am so, so excited to tell you about a wonderful testimony. A few months ago, Andy and I went to Norfolk to attend the reunion of the ship he was on in the 60's, the USS Henley. We hung around with a group of guys who were on the ship with him, and one of them was diabetic, so we talked a lot about that over the weekend. He had neuropathy in his fingers and toes, and his toes were turning black and would eventually have to be amputated. I told him about Market America's #1 product, OPC-3, and how it aided in circulation. He has been taking it for 6 weeks now, and he has blood going to his fingers and toes again, and his toes are turning pink. Praise God! This is what I live for!

   Hopefully I will have some more samples on here in a few days. I have just gotten home from SC and am up to my eyeballs in paperwork. I did stamp some yesterday with my friend Tammy, but didn't do anything that I could put on here.

   We visited our free believer friends, Susan and Richard, last Sunday. What a great visit, and great day! It was loads of fun, and great to be talking about God with someone after missing three Sundays at home. I am really looking forward to getting together with everyone this Sunday.

   I just found a note that I wrote on an index card years ago. It says: It all boils down to this: Jesus has to be enough. I had just read an email devotional from Chip Brogden about how Jesus isn't enough when we are unhappy, anxious, etc.. There's a lot of food for thought there!


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