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Friday, June 25, 2010

Final Post of the Day!

Phew! This is my fourth and last post for the day, and it has taken me all afternoon to get all these pictures on. I wanted to put these last few on here; they are of my free believers group that I meet with on Sunday. Some are from our meeting at Hugh McCrae Park a few weeks ago, and some are from a get-together at the Bluewater Grill for Phillip's birthday.
   But first, a couple of pictures that I think I took Mother's Day,
Gosh, I love my family!
Jim & Cynthia, Phillip and a friend (I can't remember names!).

Ooookaaaay, I'm going to put this on here, but I'm not happy about it!

A "gathering" at the park when it wasn't so hot. I joked that I didn't like to call it a gathering because it sounded like a horror movie. The GATHERING!

Yay! All the pictures are on here, all the posts are done.Coke float, here I come!

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  1. It was fun to see your "gathering". Made me wish I could be "gathering" right now instead of working until almost midnight. :o) Was also fun to see your beautiful smile, gorgeous hair and see you haven't changed a bit in the last five?? yrs since I've seen you!
    Amanda Coughlin