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Friday, October 1, 2010

Our New Camper

   Going from a 24 foot camper to a 33 footer with slide-outs is incredible! It is like being in a small apartment, and I am so thankful for it. It has a decent-sized bathroom on one end, and a bedroom on the other, with the kitchen all along one wall in the living area. This is the best camper I have ever seen, with the exception of the fifth wheel I saw in Michigan years ago. It had a washer and dryer combination in it. I think I like this camper better, though. I'm wondering if we could put a small shelter out back with a washer/dryer stack in it!
We had turned the sofa around to face the TV in this picture, but we have turned it back around so that it is against the window. We bought a small recliner to put next to it. It doesn't look great in here, but it is fine, and we had to have more seating. I love the table and chairs; it is so much nicer than a booth.
Look! Counter space! Whoo-hoo!
 I love the rug.

 I bought a few new dishes because what I had would definitely not go with this decor. Can you believe I am living with all this brown? I would never have bought any dishes like this ordinarily, but I am actually enjoying them. You can't get a really good idea of how they look from this picture, but I adjusted the color as best I could. They are more gold, with a browner burgundy than the picture shows.
With all this brown, fall colors fit right in , but decorating for spring might present a challenge. I have decided that gold will do nicely for Christmas.

 This is the shelf in the bedroom. What a blessing it is! I tried to avoid taking a picture of the overflowing hampers underneath, but couldn't quite miss it. And we definitely need to update the picture in the frame at the left; that child is 8 years old now!

Next up: the pictures of my class with Wendy Vecchi.

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  1. Wow, now thats a nice camper. I'm digging the trippy dishes too.